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Suffering a writer’s block.

Haven’t updated my blog for quite a while now… suffering a writer’s block…. Dunno why but have gone blank. SIMPLY BLANK. Any Ideas, Steve Jobs though a notable fellow by himself, doesn’t excite me enough for a blog post… With … Continue reading

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This is a post reproduced word to word from a note written by Nitin Gupta a B-TECH from IIT-Bombay. I found the post credible enough and am reproducing it here, for my readers. You can post your view either here, … Continue reading

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The Blackberry Playbook is here!!

Research In Motion (RIM) the manufacturer of the widely known BlackBerry Mobile phones, today at their annual BlackBerry Developer Conference announced the launch of the company’s new product, a tablet known as — the PlayBook. The PlayBook will make use … Continue reading

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Blogging from my BB 9700 Bold.

Testing my first post from my wordpress for blackberry…… Let’s see if this works.

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Upcoming New Mobile Phones

Upcoming New Mobile Phones (Dunno Which of them are really there and which are fake but what the hell….. enjoy!!!!) BenQ-Siemens Black Box concept phone BenQ-Siemens Snake concept GREEN PHONE BenQ-Siemens’ another concept phone Sony Ericsson Concept phone-I Sony Ericsson … Continue reading

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Cops plan to nab cyber crooks Plan to Nab Cyber Crooks :13 Aug 2007, 0507 hrs IST, TNN I happened to read this article (link above) on the Times Of India online yesterday. I was really amused to read what the Mumbai Police is up … Continue reading

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The world’s largest Cargo Ship.

World’s Largest Cargo Ship Get a load of this ship! 15,000 containers and a 207′ beam! And look at the crew size (13) for a ship longer than US aircraft carriers, which have complements of 5,000 men and officers. Think … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Virgina

Tragedy in Virginia I express my shock, disgust, and sorrow at the events that unfolded today at Virginia Tech. After fatally shooting 32 people in a senseless, murderous rampage, the lone gunman turned the gun on himself. This, for many, … Continue reading

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Inhuman Dolphin Slaughter (I Just lost my apettite.)

Hey everyone..Check the video and If u feel the pain then for sake of humanity please sign the petition at Video Warning: The video link below contains many graphic images, that may not be suitable to children or sensitive … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows 1.0

the firs windows! Guys n galls check out Steve Ballmer Selling Windows 1.0 Cool Man.

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