Pathetic Online Purchase Experience with

UPDATE : This email was sent on the 28th, two days hence, I’ve yet to receive an email response. I received an sms from Jabong today saying, they are still “not dispatched, pending a quality check.” SIMPLY PATHETIC!

DATE : 28/10/2014

Dear “Jabong Care Team”,

Its the 28th Today and till 6.30 PM today there is still no sight of any of my shipments.

This is simply ridiculous. What do you think you people are doing? Are you giving this to me for free?
You ask for 8-9 days to dispatch goods. You fail to do so within that time frame too for 75% of the order. The one item which was dispatched is stuck in limbo for the past one week now. I am now beginning to wonder whether it was dispatched in the first place or not.
ORDER NO : 141016*******62        ORDER DETAILS : 4 Nos. of T-shirts        ORDER DATE: 16/10/14     SELLER : Campus Sutra
Item No. 1 : Printed Black Crew Neck T Shirt  Shipment Date: 22/10/14 Tracking No: 1054****8 
                       Current Status: 23/10/14 Shipments connected from BANGALORE Pickup Center to DELHI HUB NO UPDATE SINCE.
Item No. 2 : Printed Blue Crew Neck T Shirt  Shipment Date: 25/10/14 Tracking No: 1054****9 
                       Current Status: 26/10/14 Shipments connected from BANGALORE Pickup Center to MUMBAI HUB NO UPDATE SINCE.
Item No. 3 : Printed Black Crew Neck T Shirt  Shipment Date: 28/10/14 Tracking No: 1054****0 
                       Current Status: 28/10/14 NO DETAILS FOUND ON SHIPPER WEBSITE.
Item No. 4 : Printed Grey Crew Neck T Shirt  Shipment Date: N/A Tracking No: Not Shipped
                       Current Status: 28/10/14 NOT SHIPPED YET.
Simply saying that this is the holiday season doesn’t let you off the hook. If the merchant is not dispatching the materials, it is your duty to arrange for alternates. A service provider who doesn’t provide the service. That about sums it up my experience with you.
Let me tell you something to put a certain prespective on things, I ordered my Diwali Shopping from and my wife’s from ( I dunno what I was thinking?)
Such a contrasting difference. Dispite her being the larger order and from 6 different sellers, was able to complete 80% of the order before Diwali despite the fact that I had ordered her items two days after I ordered mine from Jabong.
I want you to know that the last item in the order from was delivered at 3.30 PM today. Flipkart gave me similar shipping times (all products to be delivered post Nov 1) but they didn’t require it.
Needless to say her diwali was much different than mine. I spent mine arguing with your “customer team executives” about the status of my items.
This kind of cavalier attitude is demeaning to the customer. To add insult to the injury, I’m feeling as if it is my duty to follow up with you regarding my shipments rather than you taking it up pro-actively with me as well as the Shipping Merchant.
I’m imploring you to kindly take this matter up on a war footing, as this is now getting too disgusting for me.
My simple advice to you is this, don’t take orders during a sale, if you can’t fulfil them in time.
Warm Regards, (Though I don’t feel warm in any way, but simple courtesies have to be maintained)
Tejas Thakker

About Tejas

I am a fun-loving person, who lives in the moment. I don't plan too much into the future.... I am a twitterholic , net-o-maniac, gadgetfreak all rolled into one. I blog about anything to everything (or nothing) that interests me.
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  1. Team Jabong says:

    Hi Tejas,

    First up, my hear felt apologies for the entire fiasco. I completely understand what you had to go through. This was unacceptable & I would have reacted the same way if I were in your shoes. We regret that we weren’t able to delivery your order before Diwali and I know that after the trust, emotion, time & money invested you were expecting more out of us. This has truly been tough times for us with the delay in deliveries & the overwhelming number of orders. But that sure doesn’t get us off the hook & we completely understand our obligation, responsibilities towards our customers. The team has been working round the clock to make things happen & sort it all out asap. Rest assured, the team will get in touch with you today with a concrete resolution in this regard. I know this has been prolonged which I’m sure adds to the frustration but all I seek is the last bit of support from you so I can make things right. I know we’re asking for too much after all this while but we’d sincerely appreciate your patience & understanding in this regard.

    Team Jabong

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