No One Killed Jessica – A half review

This is a blog post in reference to Miilee’s Latent Thoughts on No One Killed Jessica

Now since I’m too busy (read lazy :P) to create a an entirely new post on it, I’ll go a step ahead n hijack miilee’s review and add comments on it. 😛 Sorry Miilee….. forgive this crazy lazy douche.


Whoever said that the girl n boy were brother n sister…. they looked more like live-ins to me. 😛 😉

Jokes apart…. I didn’t think the Acting was too much out of the ordinary. Lets not forget the point that both Vidya and Rani have done much better roles ( Yuva, Black for Rani and Guru, Paa, Ishqiya). Considering that I thought the movie was a let down.

Further the dialogues I agree were excellent. The Jessica story by itself is a full-fledged masala-pot movie story. But the dialogues were i think much more responsible for moving ordinary scenes to quite another level entirely.

The Music : Surreal. Excellent, Pacy, Awesome. Period.

Other than that. I agree with Miilee that this may be a last ditch effort to uplift NDTV & Barkha Dutt’s image. It got me thinking too, was there any specific need to show NDTV  as the channel there….

All in all, I would say for those who already know the Jessica story well….. save yourself the trouble and more importantly money. 😛

Till next time CIAO.


About Tejas

I am a fun-loving person, who lives in the moment. I don't plan too much into the future.... I am a twitterholic , net-o-maniac, gadgetfreak all rolled into one. I blog about anything to everything (or nothing) that interests me.
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2 Responses to No One Killed Jessica – A half review

  1. miilee says:

    You know, after seeing the power packed trailer, the film was a let down. And that track, Aali re wasn’t even used properly in the film!
    There was a LOT of scope for work here…

    • Tejas says:

      I agree completely …. The movie could’ve packed a lot more punch for the cast that it was carrying.

      All things said, it was a let down. Don’t u think?

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