Cops plan to nab cyber crooks
Cops Plan to Nab Cyber Crooks :
13 Aug 2007, 0507 hrs IST, TNN

I happened to read this article (link above) on the Times Of India online yesterday. I was really amused to read what the Mumbai Police is up to, now a days.

If we apply even a little thought to it, we will realise how futile the efforts of the police are….

As almost everyone who has a bit of a knowledge of the Internet shall know that even now the bulk of the Internet users in India are on dynamic IP addresses provided by a DHCP server on the network[1].

Only a minuscule percentage of the users opt for a static IP address whose details may be readily available with the ISP. So a CD containing the IP Address details of the customer will be futile as every time a user switches off his modem / router and switches it back on he’ll be assigned a new IP address. In that case the CD that they use will be outdated even before it reaches the DCP (Crime Prevention’s) office 😀 .

Instead if it is allowable under-law, what I think they should do enable quick detection is to give the cops a CD containing the details of all the user names they have registered under them.
They will still need to verify every time from the ISP as to, to which user name that particular IP address was assigned at that particular time. Then of course they could look up the user name in their CD, and quickly find the address of the user name they find. The entire process given if the officer making the call has the authority, should not take more than what say, ten minutes.

This goes on to show the state of apathy of the Police Force. And while we are speaking of the police force isn’t it the work of the Cyber Crime Department to investigate crimes of this nature, rather than the Crime Prevention Department. so shouldn’t it be the Cyber Crime Cell that should be liaising with the ISPs rather than the CPD.

Hope I Have Given You Some Food For Thought. And I must add here that I would love to hear your views on it.



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