UPDATE: Blogger now available in India

Hi Ppl,

Just seen it… it seems as if the Bans’ been finally lifted… Hurray Fellow Countrymen (Bloggers to be more specific) we kicked sum a**.

The ISP’s have had to eat their own words…. The word out is that the DoT never ordered to block the entire IP range of blogger.com which these morons went on to do.

Instead they should have complained to blogger instead about the offensive nature of the posts in the respective blogs… I’m sure blogger like most other major websites does put restriction the kind of content you’re posting on you’re blog. Almost all major websites have a comprehensive policy specified in their terms of use that forbids any racist or anti-national, anti-community kind of comments that are not in good taste and are written with the specific intention of causing trouble.

We’ll all said and done, what matters is that the collective initiative of the Indian Bloggers which minced no words or actions to put things on the right track.

Kudos to the Blogger’s Collective Group which left no stone unturned to have this victory. Right from filing RTI’s to getting in touch with the top level babus involved in the matter their timely action is commendable.

But I must add a word of caution here…..

We have just won the Battle, the War is yet to be conquered.

Lets just not stop this fight here. Lets continue this and make them answereable. Let us come to know as to why this happened in the first place… let the guilty be punished… lets not let them go scott free this time….

This is all I have to say. This is all I expect from them. And if in the course of this battle if they ever feel the need. I shall be at their beck and call. Just buzz me.

Blogger Buzz: Blogger in India

Tejas Thakker
a.k.a Devil’s Advocate


About Tejas

I am a fun-loving person, who lives in the moment. I don't plan too much into the future.... I am a twitterholic , net-o-maniac, gadgetfreak all rolled into one. I blog about anything to everything (or nothing) that interests me.
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