My Thoughts on Reservation, Division by casts, and the Meenatai Thackeray Issue

Hi People we’ll I’m back again…

The recent Reservation issue brought some thoughts to my mind, which I want to present before you.

Its quite conspicuous that how keen we are in making divisions in our community.. Everyone wants to divide it into narrower and narrower groups.. We (Indians) have been seperated as Hindus from the Muslims, Christains from
the Muslims (They follow the same god yet call him by different names viz. Christ vs Allah), Lower Cast from the So Called “Upper Cast”, SC from the
ST, OBC Vanjari (all lower cast hindus) so on and so forth. the list is virtually endless.
I could go on with this for another hour but what would be the end result. Nothing but waste of webspace (for Blogger), Bandwith (your’s as well as mine).

This is what is creating rifts between us and also allowing the filthy
politicians who are not even worthy of ruling their own homes get to
rule us with ease every 5 years.

Why cant we people stay united…as Indians, or maybe…. as one Humanity .. why do we like to create divisions?

Perhaps its not the fault of any one person or two.. this is in our history.. this is the reason why we have been ruled by outsiders for centuries.. because we are always ready to divide ourselves, for our minuscle benefits, without caring at all for the overall impact of our actions.. 

A case in point is the recent riots regarding the mud-slinging on the statue of Meenatai Thackeray. No-doubt the desecration of the statue of any person, whether of historical importance or not, is a despicable and horrendous act. It is an insult to the Deceased person himself and humanity too in general. But the acts that followed it were more despicable and worthy of anybody, even the Shiv Sena. Mr. Abu Azmi’s retaliation to the comments of the Sena High Command regarding his alleged involvement also did not do any good, rather did more bad than good. I regret to say that but I presonally felt there was a Communal Tinge to the comments made by both the parties involved…

The Statement I feel given by the newly formed Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackery was more appropriate to the situation.. Though he voiced his concerns regarding the desecration of the statue he refrained from giving it any political or communal color. He said that his aunt was a preson of peace and would not have liked the Rioting that followed her statues’ desecration.

Today’s papers carry news giving pointers that certain elements who may be part of the Sena itself or its Close Allies may have been involved in Sunday’s Incident. This if true, makes me feel that the nick I use for myself (The Devil’s Advocate) is being fulfilled by these filthy politicians… Who else would stoop to such low levels to only for getting political mileage out of it. To show their useless display of muscle power, and falling flat on their face… What else can we call the bandh they called. I work at a suburban restaurant in mumbai.

The news reached the local Shakha at about 10.00 A.M. At 11.30 A.M. they came and asked us to shut shop. But by 4.30 P.M. the shops were all opened and resuming work.

If you call a bandh of two-four hours a show of power, Then I pity you. If that is all you can do.

The astute silence maintained by Sena Chief over the whole episode also threw in some pointers of the change of the Power Equation at Matoshree (The Sena Chiefs’ Residence)

We’ll that I think should be the end of my largest post till date. Please post back your views on the matter.

The Devil’s Advocate


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